Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I love Math Stations!

I started doing math stations last year after my school finally went to full day kindergarten.  I absolutely love them!  Recently I've made a big switch the 90% paperless stations as well - which I might love just as much.  Almost every station that I provide for the kids is laminated and also put into a protective sleeve and the kids use dry erase markers to write any answers or play any games!  This has made such a big difference and the kids are staying more on task!  Amazing!  I have 10 math stations and 2 stations are the computers, so I only have to plan for 8 stations.  We had a snow day last week and a couple assemblies so we are still finishing up some February stations. So here are the stations that we are currently doing:

This is my Math Match Addition Sentences - the kids have to sort the math problems under the correct answer and then they can record the answer on the sheet with a marker.
Math Match Addition Sentences - Valentine's DayClick the picture to go to this item in my TpT store.

This is my February Skip Counting Station.  They sort the cards and then put them in order by 2's, 5's and 10's.  There is also a recording sheet.  Click the picture to go to the item.
 This is a favorite in my room - It's by the incredible and very talented DeeDee Wills.  The kids roll 2 dice, add them up and circle the number.  The object is to get 3 in a row!  Click the picture to go to her store!
 This is also from the same item from DeeDee Wills.  It's a counting match game with tens and ones.
 And lastly also from DeeDee is a great game we've not named "Go Penguin" instead of "Go Fish"  The kids also like to play war with the various cards!

Next week we will finally get to our St. Patrick's Day Stations - can't wait - a little late but that's ok! :)

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  1. Hello Christina,
    I'm looking for new way of teaching math to my student. I'm glad that you share that brilliant idea. Thank you so much!