Sunday, March 10, 2013

Word Study

I just added a 30 minute Word Study time to my schedule.  I tried it out twice last week and the plan is to keep it.  I put the students into three groups with different activities at each table.  I was at one table, my assistant was at another and they were all alone at the third. 

So here are the activities we did on Tuesday:
My Table-

This is a spin and write activity that I made with our "spelling" words.  They are just sight words.  The students have to spin and then figure out where to put the letter in the boxes.  It was fun to see their brains trying to plan ahead where letters should go.
My assistant's table:

The students played concentration with the same words.

Independent table:

At this table the kids had to pick words off the word wall and make them with magnetic letters.  Then they were allowed to draw them on the dry erase boards.
I did word study stations again on Thursday and did 3 different activities.  I forgot to take pictures - opps!  But here's what I did...
My table we played a CVCe game from non other than DeeDee Wills.

Star Wars CVCe  Memory Match and Darth Vader Game!
The kids absolutely love this!!!  Mostly because it was Star Wars!
At my assistant's table the kids chose sight words and wrote in various materials - highlighters, markers, crayons etc.
At the independent table they used a new project of mine - A beginning sounds clothespin game.
Clothespin Match - Beginning Sounds - A to ZClothespin Match - Beginning Sounds - A to Z

The kids had to look at the pictures, figure out the beginning sound and then attach a clothespin.  Finally they had to ask a partner to check their work before they could go to the next card.  It was a great review activity but I need to make something harder.
What do you do for word study in your classroom that you like?!?


  1. We use the "Words Their Way" program. I like it because there are TONS of resources out there.

    I think sticking to a schedule is KEY - we do vocabulary building on Monday, read a poem on Tuesday, sort once on Wednesday, sort again and dictate on Thursday. It works and now transitions take no time at all. :)

    I know some people incorporate Word Work into their Daily 5 time, but this works best for us!

    Ms. BBZ
    Ms. BBZ - Integrated Learning in Second Grade

  2. I love Word Study. My kiddos go to Word Study centers every day. I have 5 different groups. We have about a 10 minute block that we use to focus on our new Word Wall words. You have a lot of really cute activities. =)

    I am happy to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart

  3. Your spin game for sight words looks so fun. Thank you for sharing!

    Owl About Us