Friday, February 22, 2013


In my kindergarten class we do journals every morning as their "early bird" activity.  Since the beginning of the year we have trained the kids to write their first name, last name, date and then draw a picture and write a "sentence" about the picture.

Recently my assisstant and I had realized that the kids weren't using the word wall words correctly in their writings.  So I decided that we would reward them with a heart on a bulletin board!!!  I know how exciting right?!?  We also made a chart so we could keep track of which words they had used.  I gave them a rule that they could only recieve 1 heart per word.  So if they write the sentence "I see a bird." They have to choose which word to get a heart for and then that's it for the month.  So do you think it worked?

I am so proud of my kids!!!  MOST of them get really excited about getting a heart and they are writing some wonderful sentences!!!  We have another chart that we are laminating so we can use it over and over each month - next month it's Shamrocks!!!

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