Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CVC Words - Word Study Station

During our Word Study stations today I introduced a new game to the kids.  It's a CVC game but actually has more uses.  The kids had to choose a game mat that has a picture and three boxes.  I put all the cards in the middle of the table that had letters and pictures of other things.  The first thing I had them do was spell the word using the letter tiles.

After they spelled the word I had them look at the first letter the word started with.  They then had to find 3 pictures that started with the same letter.

They did AMAZING!!!  Even my lower students had fun looking through the pictures and letters looking for the right ones.

If you are interested in this item it is for sale in my TpT store here CVC Word Pack.

I'm going to make some more activities like this because the kids really did have a great time doing it!!!

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