Thursday, April 11, 2013

Story Boarding

We finished up our Non-Fiction books that I wrote about last week and are now starting to learn how to Story Board.  I heard about this a few years ago at a class I took.  Basically you give the kids a piece of paper and have them fold it so that there are 4 squares.  Then they have to quickly sketch 4 things that they have actually done in the past.  So here is my example (don't laugh at the drawings - I am no artist):
This is done the first day.  I had the kids do this and then share with various friends in the room about what they drew.

The next day they have to pick one of the pictures and break it down into 4 sequential events.  I'll post again about this so you can see how it goes.

The tricky part is that they have to be things that they actually remember doing so that they can write the personal narrative that is to come.

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